Contents: We protect precious possessions in a Restoration claim

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Here at Pulido Cleaning and Restoration, there are many things that set us apart from the competition. We are fortunate to have maintained a great reputation in our beautiful community leading us to be known as the most trusted restoration contractor in the valley. We have been able to serve this community for over 30 years! We have some of the best and highest trained employees, from technicians to estimators, and they are all background checked and eager to serve! Another thing that sets up apart is our full-service capabilities. Not all restoration contractors can take a job from start to finish. We help all the way from that initial call to closing paperwork once all of the property Is beautifully put back together, and in between all that, you have our contents department.

There are some great contents companies out there but being able to service our clients with contents needs in house truly sets us apart. So, what is contents? When a property suffers a loss from water or fire, they often have contents inside: furniture, clothing, maybe office equipment like desks or files, and often times those contents need restoration of their own. It isn’t always just the physical property that suffers damage. There may also be a time where the contents luckily avoid the damage but need to be moved and stored securely in order to facilitate the work to the damaged walls or floors. It could even be a fire that was contained to one room but the furniture in the other rooms suffered smoke damage and have a strong smell. Not all contents have to be included in a total loss and many times they can be salvaged with proper cleaning techniques. These are all common issues with water and fire losses and this is where our contents team comes in.

Packouts/Storage: If a property suffers a loss say in a bathroom with a bedroom closet sharing the other side of the wall, it is possible that the contents in the closet and bedroom wouldn’t be affected by water but will need to be safely moved in order to facilitate tearing out damaged walls or flooring and putting it all back once repairs begin. There could also be a situation where those items were damaged and need to be cleaned and restored back to their pre-loss condition. A packout is great for these scenarios, our specialized team goes out to the property with plenty of supplies to pack, organize, and keep all of your precious contents safe during packing and transportation. Each item is inventoried and digitally placed into our state of the art software that allows to know exactly which box any item is in at any time for ease of access throughout the claim process. Contents can be stored on site in an used room or the garage or brought back to our secure facility where we also perform cleaning!

Cleaning/odor removal: Our technicians are highly trained in what they do across the company, our contents team gets advanced IICRC training and can salvage contents that many would see as total loss. While we do track total loss items as part of the claim. We try to salvage first. Imagine sentimental items like photos, or documents, or that favorite sweater you love being marked as loss and thrown out without even an attempt to get it back for you. This is something we take pride in. Losses are not something anyone expects to go through and they can be highly emotional, we treat your home and your contents as if they belonged to a family member and we want you to get as much back as possible. This is also highly effective with smoke odor (or any other strong odor that may be present in the property). We have something not many other companies offer, our ozone room. This room has amazing technology that allows us to put contents like say a couch affected by smoke from a fire contained to the kitchen. Rather than throwing it away, we can put it in the ozone room, where there is machine that pulls the odor molecules out of the air and the couch will smell fresh when it comes out! That of course is the process in layman’s terms as there is more to the technology and science but that is the general idea behind it.

Packbacks: Once the property has all of the repairs completed, it is time for the contents to come back! Whether stored on the property or at our facility, our team will bring it back, unpack it, and get it all back to it’s rightful spot carefully, efficiently, and with pride in their work. We look forward to serving you!

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