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Mold Removal

Temecula mold removalMold has become a scary word these days. There over 15 types of mold recognized in homes & offices caused by water damage. A few of these types of mold are toxic. It takes only three days for mold to grow out the water damaged environment, especially in darker spaces. If for any reason you do not call Pulido Cleaning & Restoration to help you, then at least contact a reputable restoration company in your area with background checked and certified Technicians. Mold is nothing to take lightly.

What is the mold remediation process?

After calling PCR, we immediately dispatch one of our Technicians to your property. They will provide you a free assessment of the process for water damage remediation and prevention of further damage. When our Technicians see mold within specific criteria they are trained to observe, containment of the affected area is often one of the first things they will complete. This criterion will cause the Technician to either call trusted & vetted Mold Removal specialists, or begin removing it themselves. The anti-microbial spray will be applied after the Technician is finished removing affected area materials and scrubbing the structural wood clean.

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If Mold Specialists Are Required what happens?

When the damage is adequate, the Technician will call one of our trusted Mold Specialists. Once the mold specialist arrives, the Technician ensures there is containment and ready for the specialists. One such case where specialists must be called out is when “Black Mold” is found in a large enough area where containment is not enough. One of the best ways to prevent the allergic reactions and health problems known to be caused by Black Mold is to contact a restoration company to contain & remove it. PCR understands how to remove mold and keep the most structural materials in place to save time & money in the reconstruction phase of the Mold Remediation & Restoration process.

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