Our repairs division will work hand in hand with you and your insurance company to assist you through every step of the repairs process from initial estimation to final completion.

Smoke Damage Cleaner and Odor Removal Services

If not properly handled, smoke or fire damage has the potential to cause you additional problems, which is
why you need experts to help you through this difficult time. With over 30 years over experience, we are one
of the best fire restoration companies in the area and will work diligently to prevent further damage to your
home. Our highly qualified project managers will carefully inspect your property to provide an accurate, and
thorough, estimate of all required smoke and odor removal services to be completed. In addition, we will
stay in constant communication with you throughout the process and are always available to help answer all
of your questions.

Fire, Water, and Smoke Damage Services
While the effects of these damages can be obvious, there can also be lingering issues of smoke and odors
that may go unnoticed. These elements embed themselves into almost any material, particularly wood and
fabric, and require professional removing, cleaning, and restoration. Many people aren’t aware that this
process involves more than just everyday washing; it usually requires the use of chemicals to safely and
permanently remove any and all smoke and odors.

After a fire, there can also be water damage to your property; click here[link] to learn more about our
services offered for carpet cleaning (Temecula, Murietta, and surrounding areas).
After Experiencing Fire Damage – Tips from Pulido
In the aftermath of a disaster, it’s vital that your primary concern is always your safety and the safety of
others. Before entering the property, be certain that it is safe to inhabit and that there are no risks
jeopardizing your own well-being.

  • Constantly be aware of your surroundings and any potential hazards.
  • Contact our content restoration team to secure and pack up your personal belongings.
  • Utilize our fire board-up services to protect your property from further damage.
  • Limit movement in your home and, for highly-trafficked areas, place towels or linens to prevent the
    spreading of soot.
  • Keep your hands clean to avoid further soiling to walls, furniture, and upholstery.
  • If you are without electricity, unload your refrigerator and freezer to prevent food from spoiling,
    keeping a record of all disposed food items where contamination may have occurred.
  • Wipe the leaves of all household plants to remove excess soot, as well as chrome and porcelain
    fixtures to avoid permanent damage

    Being one of the top fire restoration contractors around, we offer an array of emergency services to help you
    after a disaster. Give us a call to find out how we can help!