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Need a Plumber? Call PCR First!

Pulido Cleaning & Restoration (PCR) rolls our their Plumber Referral Program as an answer to people’s need for a trusted local Plumber. PCR is a water damage & fire damage restoration company which at first seems uncommon to be the first place to call for plumbing services. In reality PCR is the best place to start.

Most restoration companies build relationships with Plumbers in their local area. After Water Mitigation Technicians complete their jobs a Plumber is usually needed. To better understand what happens lets start with what a Water Mitigation Technician does.

When a person encounters water or flood damage in their home or office they need emergency help. Usually they will call a Plumber or their insurance company. For the sake of explanation lets say a Homeowner has been provided good advice and calls PCR first. PCR receives the call (24/7 anytime of day, everyday) and begins asking questions similar to a 911 cal although not quite as dramatic. Based on these questions PCR can dispatch their Technicians immediately.

Once the Technician(s) arrive at the home, with permission they begin their free assessment & investigation. Armed with a moisture meter and state-of-the-art FLIR camera they find the total area of the water damage. In the event of a flood, the investigation starts after the water removal process. Once the assessment is complete the Technicians present a work authorization form to begin their demolition of the damaged materials. This is very important.

The demolition of the damaged materials allows better access for any Plumber to come in, find the leak, and fix it quickly. If the Plumber was required to demolish (remove) materials such as drywall and flooring they would charge much more for the work without checking to see if it is covered by the Homeowner’s insurance.

Possibly more important is the drying equipment the Technicians can set to prevent further damage. After the assessment is and the demolition of the damaged materials is complete PCR Technicians can set a dehumidifier and various commercial fans to provide advanced structural drying which will prevent any more damage. This equipment can be set and run while waiting for a Plumber to arrive, or while the Plumber is fixing the cause of the water damage.

This order of the process where Pulido Cleaning & Restoration Water Mitigation Technicians arrive before a Plumber can save the Homeowner a ton of headaches! The Plumber Referral Program further enhances the situation in two primary ways:

  • All Plumbers in the program (on the PCR list) are vetted and trusted. This is important as PCR provides services to most major insurance companies who require background checks and good driving records.
  • The Plumbers we send out to Homeowners and Businesses are all emergency plumbing service providers and consider our clients their priority.

The next time flood or water damage occurs, calling Pulido Cleaning & Restoration is the best bet to get help quickly and safely with the added benefit of saving time, money, & stress.