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Work with Pulido’s Restoration Team and Temecula Plumbers

If you believe that your home or office is experiencing a leak, we highly recommended that you bring in a
qualified restoration expert or plumber; Murrieta, and surrounding areas, have been contacting Pulido for
years to help with leak detection. Our experienced water mitigation technicians utilize moisture meters to
determine the existing damage and identify what future equipment will be needed to address your problem.
We also work with specialized Temecula plumbers who rely on devices that use sound to find your leak. No
matter what type of leak you are dealing with, the Pulido team is ready to help!

For your convenience, we have included instructions below on how you can take steps to identify the
different types of leaks in your home or office:

Water Heater Leaks
Water damage found in the garage and its adjacent walls, typically point to water heater leaks. If you believe
that you are experiencing a water heater leak, immediately shut off the water and call the professionals at
Pulido for an expert plumber. Temecula, CA residents can rest easy knowing that our preferred plumbing
specialists will work quickly and efficiently to repair or replace your water heater.

Sink Trap & Kitchen Leaks
These are very common types of leaks and some of the easiest to test for. An indication of a leaking sink is
staining on the bottom of the cabinet floor as well as the wall underneath the sink. To check for a leak under
your sink, simply run water down the drain and watch the curved section of the pipe (sink trap) and water
supply lines closely for droplets. If you are unable to see anything, run your hand slowly around the pipe to
check for water or dampness. Additionally, check to make sure that the rim around your sink isn’t leaking by
squeezing water from a sponge around the sink rim and watching below for any drips. If you find that the
stains are getting worse or that the wall is beginning to soften, contact Pulido right away, as these can be
signs of more serious water damage. Once we assess the problem, we’ll know which services to provide –
restoration and/or plumbing. Murrieta is one of our most serviced areas, so let us help you today!

Upstairs or Above Ceiling Leaks
Visual signs of an upstairs or above ceiling leak are typically stains that appear to be rigid circles or spots. If you notice that the stains are slow-changing, you are most likely dealing with a dripping leak. However, be
sure to watch the area closely as rapid changes can mean a larger volume leak. Keep in mind that regardless
of the type of leak, you could be dealing with an array of dangerous conditions from fungal mold growth to a
collapsed ceiling. As soon as you think you’ve identified an upstairs or above ceiling leak, be sure to call us
and we’ll dispatch a Murrieta plumber to you right away!

Pulido Provides Restorers & Refers Plumbers | Temecula, CA
If you think that you have identified a leak in your home or office, please do not remove materials such as
drywall, structural wood, or cabinetry without professional help. Mold or structurally compromised materials
can represent real danger, which is why it’s vital that you call our 24-hour answering service and let the
experienced team at Pulido handle the rest!