Pulido Flood Restoration & Water Restoration from Temecula Water Damage

Emergency Flood Damage or Water Restoration

Pulido Cleaning & Restoration is ready to help you get your life back to normal!

The most trusted Temecula Valley water damage restoration company.

The restoration process is hard and very arduous. Some Policyholders take this process on themselves. Most call for help. Call us now, and we will be ready to assist you immediately. Someone is always available and prepared to take your request. We can handle your entire restoration process from Water Mitigation to complete reconstruction of your damaged property. Let us save you time, money, & stress today.


Temecula Water Damage Restoration & Flood Restoration

Pulido is the most experienced Temecula water damage, fire damage restoration and mold damage restoration company in Murrieta.
PCR Technicians are highly trained & certified Water Mitigation Specialists. Let us prevent further water damage to your home or property.

Fire Damage

Pulido water damage Murrieta that also offers mold restoration and water clean up.
A flood in your home or at your office is an awful experience. We can restore your property back to normal much faster than you might expect. Let us help you today.

Mold Removal

Get fast reliable water damage Temecula and flood restoration from Pulido.
Indoor health issues can arise from mold or mildew. Let our Mold Remediation Experts clean up the mess and insure a healthier environment.


Smoke & Odor

temecula flood damage
Smoke damage can occur causing odor issues. No matter the source of the odor or smoke damage, our professionals can get your property clean and odorless.

Content Cleaning

flood damage Temecula - flood repair
Pulido Contents Department excels at the storage, cleaning, and deodorizing of your household or business. No matter if the contents damage is caused by flood, fire, water or other emergency damage.



What is Water Damage (Water Damage Temecula)?


Most damages caused by water penetrating structural cavities allow the deterioration of your home. Some types of water damage include rotting wood, fungal or mold growth, rusting of steel, de-laminating of materials such as plywood, and many other types of damage.

From an insurance agent’s perspective, water damage is called a “Loss.” These include water spots and discoloration. It may be catastrophic such as flooding or rotting. Water damage is one of the most common causes of homeowner insurance claims.

The Water Restoration Process

The “Water Restoration Process” will restore all damage aspects of your home. You can count on Pulido to restore it to pre-loss conditions. Restoration companies start their work when damage occurs. The reason for your property damage could be weather, vandalism, natural disaster or fire. Next, a trained & certified Technicians assess the damage. They use advanced structural drying techniques to prevent further damage. After a plumber fixes the cause of the problem, the restoration process begins. Once we restore your property, the Water Restoration Process is complete.

Pulido Restoration looks forward to hearing from you when you have Temecula water damage. We have a staff on call. We are ready for all emergency water restoration. We are an ethical company. We are certified yearly by all major insurance companies for water damage restoration. Pulido will quickly take care of water restoration at an affordable price.


Why Call PCR First for Temecula Water Damage?

Most likely your damage, if sudden & immediate, is covered by your insurance company. You might need a Plumber if a pipe burst or a drain backed up. What you may not know is Pulido Cleaning & Restoration can get highly trained & certified Water Mitigation Technicians and a Plumber out to you quickly. This service will save you time, money & stress!

Temecula Water Damage Mitigation

By this point you may have noticeable damage. What you may not know is some of the damage may be reversible! Specially trained Technicians know how to find the extent of damage to your home or office and set up equipment to minimize and even reduce the property loss which has occurred! Certified ASD (Advanced Structural Drying) Technicians understand the science behind proper air movement and heat application. Yes, there is a science to it. The science matters to you because it saves you a lot of money and can prevent full replacement of structural materials which often won’t be covered by the Insurance Company without proper drying in place first.

Pulido is the first choice of insurance companies for water damage Murrieta. Call today for quick response for professional water restoration.